Campaign plus cheap price

I used to have a cheap airline ticket and went to a petit travel with a friend for 2 days before, but it seems that it was during a campaign of a travel agency when I went to make a reservation, I have purchased airline tickets.
Even without a campaign, cheap airline tickets can be purchased at great price, so I was wondering if it will be out of the campaign objectives clearly, but I was able to receive a campaign regardless of the cheapness of airline tickets So I was lucky.
The campaign I had when I went to buy was a campaign to receive a discount ticket that I can use at the travel destination, but there is a ticket for the store I was considering going to the discount ticket I got So I was very happy and I was able to feel a sense of profit.
Although it is not always a campaign, if you are thinking about buying a cheap ticket and the campaign campaign of a travel company overlaps, you can use it more effectively if you aim at the campaign time It is!

Depart for a petit trip with a cheap airline ticket

Friends got married, listening to the fact that residences after marriage will be out of the prefecture and leaving for a petit trip that may be the last time before we can not meet each other.
Because I was also invited to the ceremony, I decided to go on a trip by using cheap air tickets because I was not able to spend so much money on my trip.
I decided a few candidates for the destination and made it possible to decide where I finally go depending on the availability of the tickets.

Just for the day, I have decided what day to do to some extent because there are things on the job, but I had taken a break for a couple of days with plenty of time.
Although it was the place we mentioned as a candidate for a travel destination, we decided to go to the south which I have never been to so far as I was able to go to any candidate because I was not in the travel season.
There was a loneliness that a trip with friends might not be long, but because it made cheap the purchase price of the ticket, it made a little more luxurious than usual on the trip, so it was a very good memory.